A Midsummer Night's Dream



National Youth Theatre Irealnd (IRL)
Peacock (Abbey) Theatre, Dublin

Premier: 2008. augusztus 25.

Szereplők / Cast:
Oberon –Paul Tansey, Titania – Katherine Murphy,  Puck – Mary Rose Phipps, Lysander – Barry Morgan, Demetrius – Barry Whelan, Hermia – Mary-Louise McCarthy, Helena – Roxanna Nic Liam, Philostrate – Eoin Lennon, Theseus – Brian Devaney, Hippolyta – Roisín Watson,  Peter Quince – Barry Lenihan, Nick Bottom – Lutz Biedinger, Francis Flute – Luke Naessens,  Tom Snout – Kiefer Moriarty-Short, Robin Starveling – Alan Dalton, Snug – Darren Yorke, Peasblossom – Gráinne Moriarty, Cobweb – Christina Matthews, Mustardseed – Jessica O’Driscoll-Breen, Indian Boy – Kevin Corcoran,

Zene / Composer – Gryllus Samu; Fénytervező / Lighting Designer – Eamon Fox; Díszlet-, jelmeztervező / Set, Costume Designer – Diego Pitarch; Mozgás / Movement – Gyevi-Bíró Eszter; Beszédtanár / Voice coach – Max Hafler; Dialóg edző / Dialóg coach – Rhona Dunnett;  Produkciós menedzser / Production manager – Pauline Donelly; Rendezőasszisztens / Assistant Director ­– David Kelly; Rendező / Director Vidovszky György
Producer – Orlaith McBride

This production hinged on the tension between love as power, and love as longing. No other production I have seen has so firmly sketched in the patriarchal power that constrained love and stabilised society in Shakespeare’s time. All productions make hay with the anarchy of sexual longing, the love potion arbitrarily dripped on the sleeping eyes. But this one brilliantly explored the tension between this desire and power, so clearly shown in the opening scenes with Egeus insisting his daughter Hemia must marry Demetrius, although the man she favours is agreed by all to be just as worthy. “As she is mine,” he states, “I may dispose of her.” (Victoria White, ITM)