Kolibri Gyermek- és Ifjúsági Síznház, Budapest
Teatret VART (Norvégia)
Jihočeské Divadlo (Cseh Köztársaság)
Premier: 2018. április 30. (Bertinoro – IT)


Szereplők / Cast:
Blahó Gergely (HU), Pajor Patrícia (HU)
Felvételről közreműködik / Pre-recorded voices: Elisabet Topp (NOR), Tas Embiata (UK), Ross Bolwell-Williams(UK) és sokan mások / and many others

Látványtervező / Design – Pajor Patrícia (HU); Dramaturg – Horváth Péter (HU); Hangfelvétel / sound recording – Jan Pisa (CZ); Zene, hangkeverés / Composer, sound mixer – Jan Čtvrtník (CZ); Technical support – Farkas István (HU); Production manager – Johanna Malchow (D); Rendező / Director – Vidovszky György

A 10-minute walk in a tent where the world is widening up – at least in its sounds – however, the whole experience is about isolation. On this inner journey the spectator is faced with multiple changes of viewpoints and positions, sometimes in the role of a refugee or an officer. How much do you believe your ears? And your eyes?

In this playful demonstration, audience members / participants can visit a tent individually with their headsets. They’ll listen to a soundscape, which was recorded using binaural sound-recording technique. This is a special method of recording sound, which intends to create a 3D-sound sensation for the listener. The difference between stereo and binaural sound design is remarkable: it feels closest to the physical soundscape that one can hear in real life.

Performed in Bertinoro (IT), Ceske Budovice (CZ), Kaposvár (HU), Budapest (HU), Alesund (NOR), York (UK), Marseille (FR)