Spring Awakening

A Tragedy of Childhood

Translated by Francis J. Ziegler

Dublin Youth Theatre
Venue: axis:Ballymun (As part of Dublin Theatre Festival)
Preview: 2014. Octóber 8.
Premier: 2014. Octóber 9.

Szereplők / Cast:
Wendla Bergmann – MARTY BREEN; Melchior Gabor – PETER NEWINGTON; Moritz Stiefel – PAUL HARRIS; Ilse – LILY LEE; Hans Rilow  – CONOR MURRAY; Martha  – ALI DEMPSEY; Thea  – CAOIMHE COBURN GRAY; Georg  – FERDIA MURRAY; Otto  – RUAIRI SPALDING BOND; Robert  – ADAM BYRNE; Lammermeier  – SEÁN TALBOT

Vendégszínészek / Special guest appearance:
Frau Gabor  – CLELIA MURPHY; Herr Gabor – ALAN HOWLEY; Frau Bergmann – FIONNULA MURPHY; Rector Sonnenstich  – PADDY O’DWYER
DYLAN GRAY (piano / zongora) 

Irodalmi konzultáns / Literary consultant  – Stefanie Preissner; Díszlet- és fényterv / Set and Lighting Design – Sarah Jane Shiels; Jelmez / Costume – Ella Daly; Zene / Composer – Gábor Pap; Hangeffektek / Sound design – György Vidovszky; Rendezőasszisztens / Assistant Director – Ursula McGinn; Rendező / Director György Vidovszky 

Spring Awakening is a fearless portrayal of the lives of young people growing up in a repressive society. It is a play about discovery, desire and the loss of innocence. 

Teenage friends share their insecurities and deepest fears. Children strive to make their parents proud at all costs. Young men and women, curious and confused by unfamiliar impulses, make rash decisions – with heart-breaking consequences.

Though written at the end of the 19th century this classic of European drama still resonates today. It casts a light on some of our own society’s enduring taboos, and navigates the difficult and often distressing journey through adolescent sexuality.

Dublin Youth Theatre stage a fresh take on 
master story-teller Frank Wedekind lyrical text, bringing their uncompromising spirit once more to the festival stage.
“[Dublin Youth Theatre] remains a core part of what informs young theatre makers” (The Irish Times)